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Copyediting is the one most commonly confused with proofreading. It's not unusual to come across many clients who ask for a proofreader but actually need a copyeditor. I can’t stress enough that copyediting and proofreading are VERY different from each other. If someone approaches you for a proofreading job but wants words changed or sentence structure fixed, that is NOT proofreading -- that’s copyediting. 

A copyeditor works on the following:

·  Grammar

·  Punctuation

·  Spelling

·  Fact-checking

·  Double-checking the table of contents,

   footnotes, bibliography, etc. (if applicable)

·  Double-checking consistency with actions

·  Fixing echo words (when the author uses

   the same word repeatedly)

·  Ensuring the timeline is accurate

·  Checking chapter and page numbers

   are correctly numbered


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